Thursday, December 28, 2006

Say No to Drugs; Say Yes to Life

The Church of Scientology has a drug prevention campaign that gets results. This includes prevention of drug abuse through effective education on the devastating effects of drugs.
Find out more at

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Survey Shows Reduced Drug-Use by Teens

The Monitoring the Future Study survey of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, reports that illicit drug use among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders has declined by 23.2 percent over a five-year period.

This is the result of a lot of work by a great many people. That same survey shows that youth prescription drug, and over-the-counter medicine abuse remains high.

While there is a tremendous distance yet to travel, the survesy show that education in the truth about drugs works.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Truth About Drugs

The best way of conveying the truth about drugs and their dangers is from the perspective of those who have 'been there' and can pass on what they have learned so others avoid going down the same path.
Here is a sampling of such real-life stories from those who have experienced the living hell of drug abuse. Too many however are not here to tell their stories.
Share this information with your loved ones. Drug education saves lives.
"My goal in life wasn't was getting high. I was falling in a downward spiral towards a point of no return. Over the years, I turned to cocaine, marijuana and alcohol under a false belief it would allow me to escape my problems. It just made things worse. I had everything, a good job, money, a loving family, yet I felt so empty inside. As if I had nothing. Over 20 years of using, I kept saying to myself, I'm going to stop permanently after using this last time. It never happened. There were even moments I had thought of giving up on life."
— John
"It started with the weed, then the pills (Ecstasy) and acid, making cocktails of all sorts of drugs, even overdosing to make the rushes last longer. I took copious amounts of these chemicals every day for as long as two years until I had a bad trip one night and went into toxic psychosis. I prayed and cried for this feeling to go away, I had voices in my head, had the shakes and couldn't leave home for 6 months. I became very withdrawn and thought everyone was watching me. I couldn't walk in public places. Man! I couldn't even drive.
I ended up homeless and on the streets, living and sleeping in a cardboard box, begging and struggling to find ways to get my next meal.
I asked myself if this is rock bottom and I believe that it was. While observing these homeless people, I decided that I had had enough. Yes, I wanted drugs but I realized that I could want life more."
— B.K.

Find out what you can do about drugs, visit the Foundation For A Drug Free World.

Monday, December 18, 2006


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a non-profit corporation that empowers youth and adults with facts about illicit drugs, this year unleashed a worldwide drug information program that takes aim at "drug abuse of all types," according to the Los Angeles-based foundation's president, Lidia Dinges.

"Drugs destroy and ruin millions of lives every year," said Ms. Dinges at the group's launch in the UK on October 22, 2006. "With governmentts spending billions to deal with the threat of drug abuse and related crime and violence, it's time to bring real solutons to every community."

The Foundation's answer is its "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" global campaign, the centerpiece for which is a "Truth About Drugs" information kit containing educational booklets that describe in factual, fully documented terms the most abused drugs in America today. Published in 20 languages, each booklet presents compelling real-life accounts of former abusers who tell of the ruinous effects of methamphetamine (crystal meth), ecstasy, marijuana, "kiddie cocaine" (Ritalin), crack, painkillers and other widely abused street and prescription drugs.

Production and distribution of the education kit are made possible through donations and sponsorships by private organizations, including businesses, civic groups, churches, and drug and alcohol recovery support networks. Governments also provide public funding to Foundation-affiliated organizations. In New Zealand, for example, a city council paid for reprints of thousands of booklets for community distribution, while Taiwan's Education Ministery helped finance more than 100,000 "Truth About Ecstasy" booklets. Children in hundreds of Taiwnese schools have, with the Ministry's endorsement and support, participated in drug education lectures. The result: a 65 percent drop in ecstasy use in all targeted age groups.

"Effective drug education can and will work," says Ms. Dinges, who grew up in a high-risk Los Angeles area neighborhood rife with drug-driven gangs and violent crime. "By empowering our children -- and adults -- with the facts needed to live drug-free, we can save millions of lives in cities across the globe."

Documented results show that providing factual information about the world's most abused drugs is successful in country after country. In early 1987 -- the same year the United Nations General Assembly instituted its annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking -- the Church of Scientology International, a key supporter in the formation of the Foundation, initiated its "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" campaign in Italy. Soon thereafter, the multi-cultural, multi-faith European effort expanded into a worldwide pledge-signing endeavor, wherein people young and old sign a commitment to live their lives drug-free. From this, a "Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA" program evolved in the United States. In April 1993, that campaign expanded with the launch of the "Drug-Free Marshals," a program that educaties children and youth about the danger of drugs and challenges them to remain drug-free and to set a good example to their friends and family.

In 1995, "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" volunteers began passing out booklets on the harmful effects of marijuana, speed, cocaine and other street drugs. That initiative has earned wide recognition from concerned citizens and both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Today, "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" chapters are active in more than 50 countries, with drug awareness events taking place in over 550 cities this past year.

From its Los Angeles headquarters, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World now spearheads the "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" initiative and the distribution of the new "Truth About Drugs" tools internationally to children, teens, parents and families, youth organizations, schools, community centers and companies. The Foundation's worldwide anti-drug offensive for 2007 will call upon the manpower of an estimated 3,000 volunteers in more than 150 chapters on five continents.

For more information on the Foundation for a Drug-Free World or its new "Truth About Drugs" education kit, visit, e-mail or call 1-888-NOTODRUGS.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Answers to Drugs

Mind altering drugs and their devastating effects have become an epidemic in societies through the world. There are solutions to this that can be found in The Scientology Handbook. Information on this can be found at

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Facts on Drugs

For information that gives the documented facts on drugs and the devastation they cause, the website to go to is

Monday, December 11, 2006

Glendale Boy Scouts - Drug Free

Here's a great video on the Glendale Boy Scouts becoming Drug Free Marshals!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scientology Wedding

The spectacular wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is a historical event!

It is great that they had a Scientology wedding ceremony. More data on Scientology weddings can be found at

Monday, November 13, 2006

Volunteer Ministers

Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring effective help and relief to people. No matter what the problem is, it is a firm principle to the Volunteer Minister that Something Can Be Done About It.

This includes helping people with drug problems.

Here is a video that shows the effectiveness of Volunteer Ministers.


A person's ability to trust and be trusted is of great value in a civilization.

In the words of L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Scientology religion:

On the day when we can fully trust each other there will be peace on earth.

It can be achieved.

Here is a video that portrays this.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Drug War

A drug war rages on this planet. L. Ron Hubbard recognized the drug problem long before it became an international concern. And he developed a technology people can use to free themselves from this trap and remain free of it. His technology is the weapon that can win this war. For more information on how to get rid of the harmful effects of past drugs and toxic substances that dim one's life, visit

Monday, November 06, 2006


Find out how individuals can be revitalized in a polluted and drugged world. Read the book What is Scientology?, Chapter 9 for data on this.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What is Scientology's View on Drugs?

Scientologists consider that drugs cause extremely damaging effects on a person -- physically, mentally and spiritually. They decrease awareness and hinder abilities. They are a "solution" to some other problem, but then they become an even bigger problem.

For more information about drugs and what can be done about them, the book Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program is recommended.

(From the book What is Scientology?)

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Destructiveness of Drugs

Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our current culture is drugs. Find out the specifics and the solutions at the Church of Scientology's "Say No To Drugs" Anti-Drug Campaign webpage, at

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Jive Aces at the Saint Hill Charity Gala

Charity Conert 06The Jive Aces, dedicated anti-drug crusaders, are performing at Saint Hill this weekend.

The Annual Gala Charity Concert taking place at historic Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex on Monday 23rd October.

The Gala Charity Concert, which is organised by the
L. Ron Hubbard Foundation, has become an enormously popular event over the past 10 years and is attended by over 3,000 people, including hundreds of Mayors, Deputy Mayors, ambassadors, government officials and community leaders from all over the country. We would be delighted if you would like to join us for this very special occasion. Each year we select three charities to benefit from the concert, and in previous years we have chosen a wide variety - from the New York Fire Department and the City of London Police's Children's Charity to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and Sussex Ambulance Service to name a few.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Truth About Drugs

The website Church of Scientology 'Say No to Drugs' Anti-Drug Campaign at is an excellent source for the truth about drugs, how they destroy lives and what can be done about the situation.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Church of Scientology is now distributing around the world millions of copies of booklets describing the destructive effects of drugs. What drugs really do to people is graphically laid out in these booklets with documentation. Find out more about this in the article Church of Scientology Anti-Drug Activities at

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I just read the booklet on Crystal Meth that the Church of Scientology International publishes. Wow. I had no idea how destructive this is.

I've seen the police busts of Meth labs but it never came home to me, before reading the booklet, what this was doing to people. It actually seemed a bit over dramatic to me.

But I am completely apalled at the effects of this drug.

You can read the booklet at the Scientology drug prevention web site

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Unfortunately, over the past few years heroin has been popularized, particluarly through ads using "heroin chic" models.

The booklet the Church of Scientology International has published on heroin is hard hitting and factual.

Kids need to read this (and it's written so they can -- no unnecessarily hard words).

There is really nothing glamorous about being a heroin addict. And there is no such thing as a person who just "uses" heroin but is not addicted.

Monday, September 18, 2006

5 Million Anti-Drug Booklets

The Church of Scientology International has printed 5 million anti-drug booklets, which they are now distributing around the world.

These booklets are terrific. They really tall the truth about drugs and it is so clear when you read them that they have no other agenda -- they just want to get through to kids so they decide not to take drugs before it's too late.

I'd decided not to take certain drugs, but I'd never decided not to take all drugs until I became a Scientologist because it was at that point that I came to understand the effect of drugs on the individual.

Now kids can get this information BEFORE they get into trouble.

Kids should have every opportunity to do well in life. These booklets provide them the information they really need.

If you would like to get copies of the booklets, or ever reprint them from your club, group, country, etc.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Parents, teachers, employers and civic leaders are all in a position to help keep young people from taking drugs. Moralizing about the evils of drugs doesn’t work. Neither do scare tactics. Answering the inevitable questions with frank, honest data, provides a young person with the information he or she needs to make the intelligent choice to remain drug free. That starts with having the answers.

Discover those answers at

Sunday, September 10, 2006

James told the Drug-Free Ambassadors that he wished he found them before he started on marijuana at the age of 14. In less than three years he graduated to heroin and got into stealing to support his habit. Having now paid for this with a 10-year stint in jail he wants the Ambassadors to reach all the kids in Australia so no one else has to suffer the way he has.

And now the Federal Treasury and the Department of Family and Community Services had made it easier for the Drug-Free Ambassadors of Australia to get to kids like James in time, by granting the group full tax deductible status and putting them on the register of Harm Prevention Charities.

The timing of this recognition couldn't be better. It coincides with the Ambassadors' plan to release hundreds of thousands of new booklets to let youth know the truth about heroin, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, speed or methamphetamines, ecstasy, crack, kiddie cocaine (ritalin) and painkillers.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

At its core, the Church of Scientology’s drug prevention campaign is a grass-roots movement made up of people-Scientologists and non—Scientologists alike—who are united in the commitment to take action to combat drug abuse through effective education. After all—while we can keep fighting a war on drugs, it’s evident that unless we address the demand, that war will be lost.

Something can be done about drug abuse. And the component that makes it all possible is, invariably, the dedicated work of individuals—of people.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Some slightly good news for a change:

The United Nations World Drug Report for 2005, released in June 2005 and which contains data up to 2003, states, “Although countries indicating rising levels of drug consumption continue to outnumber those with falling levels of drug use, the proportions have shifted in recent years in a slightly more positive direction. While in 2000, 53% of all reporting countries saw rising levels of drug use, the corresponding proportion fell to 44% in 2003. In parallel, the proportion of countries seeing declines rose from 21% in 2000 to 25% in 2003.”

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Did you know that Oxycodone is as powerful as heroin and affects the nervous system the same way? If not, perhaps you should get better informed.

Read the Truth About Painkillers.

Monday, August 28, 2006

“Scientology Effective Solutions: Saving Lives from Drugs” brochure, provides you with important information about what churches of Scientology and their members are doing about the drug problem. This will also introduce you to the most effective solution to drug addiction and dependency – the drug rehabilitation methods developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

Read the online version, here.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


If you’ve seen a group of kids in parks, at fairs or on the streets of New South Wales passing out booklets and getting kids to sign an anti-drug pledge, you have probably met the Sydney Drug-Free Ambassadors. Motivated by stories such as the Sunday’s headlines about the seizing of $3.5 million-worth of heroin by New South Wales police, the Drug-Free Ambassadors are determined to prevent this and other drugs from harming the youth of the region.

Just one example of their activities was their participation on Saturday at the Bexley Fair in NSW, Australia. By talking to their peers about the dangers of heroin and other drugs the Ambassadors got 100 youth to sign the Drug-Free Ambassadors pledge.

The Drug-Free Ambassadors, sponsored by the Scientology churches of Sydney Australia, give factual information about drugs to youth and answer their questions. This enables them to make positive choices about living drug-free lives before they start to experiment with drugs. And because the Ambassadors are their own age, kids are willing to talk to them, listen to what they have to say and read their literature.

The Drug-Free Ambassadors attack the problem with colorful and informative booklets like the TRUTH ABOUT HEROIN — Flirting with the Forbidden Brings the Kiss of Death.

The Ambassadors initiative is based on research by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. For more info, contact Cyrus Brooks 02 9692 7308 or

Saturday, August 26, 2006

It has become an unfortunate cliché to refer to efforts to combat the problem as the "war on druqs."

"Unfortunate" because many well-intentioned people launch into battle without effective weapons.

Trying to stem the tide of drugs by seizing boats and planes is an impossible and thankless task. What is needed is a solution to the demand.

Scientology churches sponsor drug prevention groups and activities as part of its community programs. To date, volunteer Scientologists have reached millions and millions of people with the truth about drugs. You can find out more about the Church’s programs by reading further in this web log.

Separately, Narconon is a drug-free drug rehabilitation program based on the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard. It not only solves the physical craving for drugs... it handles the underlying cause of why the person turned to them in the first place.

It is why, in a field where the typical addict goes from one unsuccessful rehab to the next, Narconon stands apart.

Narconon Arrowhead, in Oklahoma, is the international headquarters that emanates a massive worldwide drug education and rehabilitation program. Arrowhead is the largest private residential rehab facility on Earth, but it also serves as a center to train those opening new programs -- from 14 nations and 19 U-S states just in 2005.

But while we work to rehabilitate those already addicted, Narconon also delivers drug education lectures to prevent those most likely to be misdirected to a life on drugs. It cuts the demand before kids fall into bad habits.

To find out more, visit

Friday, August 25, 2006

If you want to do something effective about drugs, there are many things you can do to help.

Avail yourself of the information we have provided in our “Truth About Drugs” publications.

We have also made available on request a “Truth About Drugs” Action Pack. This pack contains copies of all of our drug education booklets as well as an Activities Manual with instructions on everything from staring your own group to fully scripted drug education lecturers.

Go to the website and find out.
If you want to do something effective about drugs, there are many things you can do to help.

Avail yourself of the information we have provided in our “Truth About Drugs” publications.

We have also made available on request a “Truth About Drugs” Action Pack. This pack contains copies of all of our drug education booklets as well as an Activities Manual with instructions on everything from staring your own group to fully scripted drug education lecturers.

Go to the website and find out.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Drugs destroy or ruin millions of lives every year. Thus society owes a debt of gratitude to those who dedicate themselves to salvaging others from the harmful effects of drug abuse. Sadly, such educational groups and beneficial organizations are sometimes attacked by individual officials or vested interest groups who in some way benefit from keeping our society on drugs. It has been proven again and again that those who try to attack or hinder people who are salvaging others from the scourge of drugs have an agenda to promote drugs or allow them to proliferate.

Avoiding drugs is a question of attitude. A child who truly understands the dangers of drugs will know why he should say "no" to illegal substances.

Bombarded with music, television programs, ads and Internet sites which constantly promote drug use, children sometimes do not understand the dangers of such substances. They may have the idea that it is safe to casually experiment with drugs.

"Why not?" is too often the prevailing attitude.

Yet former addicts say one should never become involved with drugs, even to just try them. One seldom knows he is succumbing to the grip of drugs, as awareness of his own condition gradually diminishes with continued drug use. Most marijuana smokers think they can quit. Few, however, do.

A person may try a drug two, five, or even ten times before finding himself suddenly addicted. Sometimes, just a single instance of drug use can lead a child straight into the hell of addiction.

There is an effective weapon to keep your children from falling into the trap of drugs: KNOWLEDGE. Moralizing lectures serve no purpose. The present generation must learn to refuse drugs by knowing why they are dangerous. And it is our job as parents or friends to help them learn the truth.

These are difficult times. But think about the future: will you be sharing it with people who are drug addicts, sick and without hope? Or with those who are healthy, productive and happy?

It is possible to live free of drugs. With this booklet, we want to contribute to a better, brighter and more promising future. The war on drugs will be won only if we work with our children to achieve victory.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Drug Use Statistics Improving

For those who have been fighting the war against drugs, here are some statistics that show we are making a change.

According to the Office of National Drug Policy in a September 2005 report, between 2002 and 2004 there has been a 9% decrease in illicit drug use in American youth aged 12-17. The findings come from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which found that among youth aged 12 to 17, the rate of illicit drug use declined between 2002 and 2004: 11.6 percent in 2002, 11.2 percent in 2003, and 10.6 percent in 2004. This represents 250,000 fewer Americans in that age group using illicit drugs.

Marijuana use also declined by 7% among young adults. Heroin use dropped by 16% - LSD use declined by 41%, Ecstasy use dropped by 40%, use of Cocaine among 12 to 17 yr olds fell 8%.

Additionally, according to a 2005 survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the rate of illicit drug use in the United States among older teens has continued to decline. The study’s principal investigator stated “what is significant is that the use of these substances has declined significantly since the recent peak levels reached in the mid-1990s.” The use of any illicit drug in the 12 months prior to the survey, released in December 2005, is down by more than a third among 8th graders since 1996. There are also significant declines among 12th and 10th graders.

For more information, see The Truth About Drugs website.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Facts about Marijuana

Sixty percent of teenagers in drug treatment programs are there because of marijuana. According to a National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, kids who frequently use marijuana are almost four times more likely to act violently or damage property.

For more information on the effects of majiruana, visist

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Inhalents are a cheap high that costs lives if not money.

Here is some information on the effect of inhalents, taken from the Say No to Drugs -- Say Yes to Life web site. The web site was created as a public service by the Church of ScientologyInternational

Inhalants include chemicals found in such household products as aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids, glue, paint, paint thinner, nail polish remover, amyl nitrite and lighter gas. They are sniffed or “huffed” (act of inhaling vapors).

Inhalants affect the brain. They are substances or fumes inhaled through the nose or mouth and can cause irreversible physical and mental damage. They starve the body of oxygen and force the heart to beat irregularly and more rapidly. People who use inhalants can lose their sense of smell, suffer nausea and nosebleeds and may develop liver, lung and kidney problems. Chronic use can lead to reduced muscle mass, tone and strength. Inhalants can make people unable to walk, talk and think normally. Much of the damage is caused to the brain tissue when the toxic fumes are sniffed straight into the sinus.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pro-Grass Hype

I am really opposed to any relaxing in the prohibition against grass.

A friend of mine told me her story about marijuana.

When she was in college it was promoted to her as a way to "expand her awareness."

Within a year her life was really a wreck.

She wasn't an addict. But she'd become so careless, so lacking in motivation or energy, that her life was a shambles.

I've just seen this in so many different people.

Whatever the temporary feelings of euphoria or whatever else the reason for taking it, it's not worth it.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Japanese Viewpooint

I took this from an article I found written by a Japanese student. An interesting viewpoint

"A Problem for U.S. Teens

"In the U.S., there are many problems in high schools, for example, drinking or drugs, but the most serious problem is alcohol. According to a survey made by U.S.A.TODAY, 58% of high school students drink beer at least once a week and 47% drink liquor at least once a week. However, students are not only drinking alcohol but also using marijuana. The number of students who always use marijuana is also increasing. 25% of high schoolers use drugs at least once a week. Why do they use marijuana? They have social or family problems, I think. What do you think about high schoolers drinking? I don't think that high school drinking is a big problem in Japan.

"Do Japanese Students Have a Drinking Problem?I tried to interview some students in my college. I asked them if there is a drinking problem among Japanese high school students and, if so, why they thought there is a drinking problem in Japan. Most of them said drinking is not a big problem, but if there is a problem, Japanese high schools punish students who are drinking."

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tips for Parents

The Narconon site has some great tips for parents whose kids are on drugs.

It's always a tragedy when a kid gets into trouble like this. But it's not true that it has to stay that way. And if you have a kid like this they really do NOT have to be on drugs the rest of their lives. I know so many people who've come through Narconon and really kicked the habit for good.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Parents' Ordeal

I hate to think what a parent must go through when they find out their kid is really in trouble with drugs.

The Scientology anti-drug site is a service to anyone who wants the real facts about drugs. You can help your kids by having them read what drugs are really all about BEFORE they get in trouble.

If you suspect your kids are on drugs and need some help, you can contact a Scientology Volunteer Minister for help. You can find a VM through a Scientology church or by contacting the Volunteer Minister coordinator at

Monday, July 31, 2006

Drugs - an Index of Social Decay

In his speech at the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center made a very astute point about drugs and our culture:

"Today we live in a world increasingly obsessed with science. Yes — we can send man to the Moon, explore the surface of Mars, and even survey the galaxy with NASA probes. With advanced computer technology, and satellites circling the globe, we can communicate to anyone, anywhere on Earth, and in an instant.

"Yet with all of that — everything science has brought us — there is a void. In fact, it’s a chasm. And at the bottom of that chasm are the humanities. So, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that with all the high technology of this 21st century, science can’t yet prevent war.

"What about the terror alerts that are a part of everyday existence? The upsets at home that are so common it’s considered part of the daily grind called life? That’s a Code Orange taking place in millions of households every day. Or what about raising a child today? If it’s not the drugs, then it’s the all too common worry that they’ll actually get an education. That’s the real terror alert and it’s at Code Red.

"The answer to this planet’s problems will not be found in the 'material.' Of this there can be no question. For if those solutions can’t prevent war nation to nation, how then can it be expected to answer questions like 'love,' 'happiness' or 'peace of mind?' So, we can’t expect the answer to be found in chemicals. Not unless one buys into a synthesized utopia, or a 'Brave New World,' with a perfect pleasure drug.

"Yet that is precisely what we see in the world today, with multi-million dollar conglomerates providing a cornucopia of new pills as a panacea to all ills — making the pharmaceutical industry the most profitable business on the planet — more than banking, high finance, oil or computers. Common sense tells us it’s the wrong answer."

Mr. Miscavige's speech has been made into a DVD called This is Scientology.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ecstasy is Not

It's not ecstasy.

Here's one kid's story:
"Ecstasy made me crazy. One day I bit glass, just like I would have bitten an apple. I had to have my mouth full of pieces of glass to realize what was happening to me. Another time I tore rags with my teeth for an hour."


Don't let your friends or your kids fall into this trap.

Here are some places in California where you can get help from the Scientology Say No To Drugs team if you think your child/friend/family member may be taking harmful drugs:

Church of Scientology of Los Angeles
Church of Scientology of Pasadena
Church of Scientology of Orange County
Church of Scientology of San Francisco
Church of Scientology of San Diego
Church of Scientology of the Valley
Church of Scientology of Sacramento

Monday, June 19, 2006

Meth Use Down

According to an article in the Mercury News today the use of Methamphetamine is on the decline.

The article states that "Meth lab seizures fell from 17,562 in 2004 to 12,185 last year, with western and central western states like Oklahoma, Montana and Washington seeing some of the sharpest declines. Missouri, which leads the nation in the number of lab seizures, saw a 22 percent decline."

It also states that "in Oregon, where lab busts fell 60 percent."

Despite these optimistic statistics, "Still, 58 percent of the nation's counties say meth is their largest drug problem. Rural law enforcement officers are often overwhelmed by the cleanup of toxic chemicals used to make meth and welfare agencies must deal with the displaced children of meth-addicted parents."

The Scientology Anti-Drug Site is looking for feedback, successful actions, any ideas you might have to help knock out meth use which still threatens the lives and safety of our young people.

You can send your suggestions to

More information on Scientology programs to combat drug use is available at the Scientology Effective Solutions web site

Monday, June 12, 2006

Running Against Drugs

The Hungarian Anti-Drug team from the Church of Scientology of Budapest just completed 42 grueling days of a "run against drugs."

Scientology churches around the world work daily to save people from the degradation and heartbreak of drugs.

Here's more information on this in the transcript of the "This is Scientology" speech by Mr. David Miscavige.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kelly Preston Helping the Kids of Hawaii

Welcome to My World blog wrote:
Kelly Preston who is a native of Hawaii has been there promoting a new DVD that educates families on the dangers of drugs.

She was there with Lt. Governor Aiona to announce the release of Narconon Hawaii's "Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free" DVD kit for parents. This is a free kit that provides information about drugs that will make you confident to talk with your loved ones about the dangers of drugs.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

About the "10 Things That Your Friends ..."

If we educate the kids early enough on what drugs really are about, we can help them decide not to use drugs. Give kids a chance. If all they hear is propaganda from friends about how cool drugs are, what chance do they have to make a sensible decision.

If you are a parent, or if you know someone who needs the fact about drugs, here's a great site. Canadian Narconon Drug Education.

Help for Parents

I don't overly emphasize the situation, it is already dramatic enough. But, everybody who is a parent has to realize, that our kids are in danger.

Below is a testimonial from a mother, who's son got hooked on meth. Thanks to Narconon Canada the story had a happy ending. Here's what the mother wrote about this:

"When he was young, he was energetic. He had a lot of life in him. He was doing pretty good in school. He had gotten some place and he was very happy. He was looking forward to a future.
"That all changed. He started using pot and afterwards got into a few other drugs and alcohol."

Question: Do you know how he was first introduced to crystal meth?

"I think it was just the people that he was hanging out with and the things in his life that had happened. He grew up in a disfunctional family and he went in the same direction.
"He started running the streets a lot. In high school actually, that's when I think it first started with the crystal meth. Then he started selling drugs, in fact crack and cocaine, just to support his crystal meth habit. "

Question: "How did he eventually overcome his crystal meth addiction?"

"He went into a program, a program called Narconon." ....
"He did a detoxification program while on this program, and even though it was a bit difficult for him, he got through it. He eventually was clean. I hadn't seen him like that for years look that good. The white of his eyes were white, they weren't discoloured. The smile. I guess the smile is the biggest thing. He was back to being Will, the guy before the drugs. I had my son back."

You can read more from people who have completed the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program in Canada, on the Narconon Success Stories website.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Truth about Ecstasy

Narconon International
is warning youth of the dangers of Ecstasy in a promotional campaign that will save lives. Here is one of their recent press releases.

The popularity of Ecstasy has expanded even to isolated areas such as Guam and the Marianas Islands. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Ecstasy appears to be the fastest growing problem in that part of the world. States such as Hawaii, Alabama, Washington and New York continue to experience high levels of abuse."

We are at 2006. The age of high speed communication. Does anyone believe, that it should also be the era of high speed expansion of drug abuse?

Obviously not. What needs to happen is education and prevention with high speed. Here is an other quote from the same article:

"Recent studies have shown that effective drug education programs can reduce the demand for this drug. Narconon has responded by releasing the drug education video Xtasy, the Real Story. It is tailored to meet the needs of young people who are often seduced by “hype” and peer pressure while remaining ignorant of the facts. Former Ecstasy dealers and users share their actual experiences, including what happens to a dealer's life and the fate of his friends and customers."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Narconon Canada in Trois Rivieres, Quebec

This press release from Narconon Canada tells quite a chilling story about the effects of Crystal Meth, and tells of a program that is effective in helping abusers of this drug come off and stay off:

TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's society is oppressed with several urgent issues, yet the drug addiction problem and the substantially increasing abuse of crystal meth fails to rank as a major concern. Although the general perception of an individual who is afflicted with a drug addiction is one of disdain and of worthlessness, they still deserve to be cared for. These individuals simply fell under the grasp of a vicious and ruthless drug, ridding them of any lucid judgment and of their conscientious perception of life. It has been reported on numerous occasions by former addicts that crystal meth, a highly toxic and addictive substance, has this unconditional power to "hook" someone only after their first use. Yet what could push someone to try such a hazardous drug?

The enthralling and promising side effects, notably increased energy, a reduced need to eat or sleep, super focus, increased productivity and euphoria, make a crystal meth high appear very satisfying. Nevertheless, crystal meth is anything but a harmless drug. Created from toxic chemicals, the side effects include an increased heart rate, insomnia, shakiness, fever, chest pain, paranoia, confusion, psychotic episodes, violence and death. Many crystal meth addicts report having difficulty quitting, since their body's need for the drug is so incredibly strong.

Will, a former crystal meth addict for 2 years now, gave a thorough testimony demonstrating the difficulties he encountered while under the influence of the drug and the several obstacles he faced to overcome his crystal meth addiction: "I couldn't admit that I was a junkie. I couldn't admit that I had a problem. Everybody said, 'You're turning into a junkie Will,' and I would respond, 'I'm fine, I'm alright.' But then my behaviour started to change and the days got longer. The weeks ended up being actual full weeks."

Before going into rehab, Will witnessed how he had changed both physically and mentally, due to the crystal meth: "When people are on crystal meth, they eventually become very volatile and they can hurt people. They can snap very easily for no reason. On any given day, I really could have hurt somebody, supremely bad, but my choices were either to hurt somebody or get high."

Fortunately, there is a drug rehabilitation and treatment center that is capable of treating a crystal meth addiction. This 100-percent natural drug rehabilitation program, offered by Narconon, is an effective and proven method, renowned worldwide, for helping individuals overcome their drug addiction. If someone you know and care for is affected by crystal meth, don't hesitate to contact Narconon.

"If you're ready to try any drugs out there, well you might as well try every way to save your life," said Will.

For in-depth information about Narconon's proven crystal meth treatment and the current crystal meth situation, visit their website at

For information contact:
Sylvain Fournier

Narconon uses the drug rehabilitation technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

What is Narconon Arrowhead?

There is an organization called Narconon Arrowhead, which provides and entirely drug-free rehabilitation program to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, using the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

If you or someone you care for is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, your best chance to get back your life or to save the life of your friend or loved one is the drug-free drug rehab program at Narconon Arrowhead.

Here is a testimonial from their website. Visit the Narconon Arrowhead website. What written there is true, it is happening, it is happening now, people get rehabilitated, back to life, happy and productive.

"My son was a bright talented child. He learned to play the guitar and had a natural ability to draw and paint. In his teens something happened to this bright talented child. I found out later that he had gotten into drugs and barely finished high school. He could not hold a job and his only financial support was a family who "gave him money to keep him away". This went on for twelve years in which time he was a waste to himself and others. After trying numerous "Drug Rehab Programs" I found Narconon Arrowhead. I took him there as an emaciated "end of the trail person". In a short time he regained his health and became himself again. Most importantly he became free of drugs. My son now has a family of his own. He is very productive in working with others to help them gain their own self esteem back and to become free of the ravages of drug use. My son and I have never been closer or had such a good relationship as father and son. Narconon Arrowhead not only gave my son back to me, but also gave me a very good friend."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Revitalizing the Individual in a Polluted and Drugged World

L. Ron Hubbard made important discoveries that affect all of us, as we live in a completely poluted world.

According to the Purification Program web site:

"...residues from drugs and other toxins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and stay there, even years after they have been ingested, and that these residues can continue to affect the individual adversely long after the effect of the drug has apparently worn off. Such deposits have been known to cause lessened perception, tiredness, confused thinking"

The site includes a complete description of how drugs effect the body, but more importantly how one can purify his/her body thus be able to live a drug and toxin free life.

Here is the link to this website:

Information for Parents - Helping Kids Stay Off Drugs

Communicating to kids about drugs is a problem for most parents -- how can you explain the danger of drugs to a kid -- especially if the relationship is already strained. What if the child is touchy and annoyed. Does this mean they ae already taking drugs? Will you push them further away by bringing it up?

The real underlying problem most parents have in communicating with their kids about drugs is the problem they have communicating with their kids. Period.

Scientology churches offer very simple courses to improve your communication. I've even known of parents and kids doing this course together. It's pretty remarkable what happens as a result. It's saved kids parents untold heartache and saved kids' lives.

The Correct Scientology website has more information on how to establish strong relationships with kids.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Scientology Anti-drug Campaign? Support it!

I found a blog from a fellow, who is a Volunteer Minister. He actively fights drug and helps his community on every way he can.

This is what he writes:

"I know some guys have done drugs because of the stress of being a student, but that is not the answer, that's a cop out. There are other solutions that I use, something called study technology. The first thing to deal with is knowing how to study. "

His site is called The Scientology Anti-drug Campaign
What is behind the success of the Narconon drug rehabilitation?

“The addict has been found not to want to be an addict, but is driven by pain and environmental hopelessness...As soon as an addict can feel healthier and more competent mentally and physically without drugs than he does on drugs, he ceases to require drugs.” L. Ron Hubbard

Some information how it works: the Narconon program a “therapeutic community,” but it would be more appropriate to say that Narconon clients are going “back to school”–this time to get real tools for real life.

The program steps are entirely drug-free; that is, the Narconon program does not use drugs or medications to solve the problems caused by drugs, but does use nutrition and nutritional supplements as an important component of its delivery. Thus the program is neither a psychiatric nor medical, but a social education model of rehabilitation.

Mr. David Miscavige speaks of the importance and effectiveness of the Narconon program in his presentation entitled "This is Scientology."

Monday, May 08, 2006


What is Narconon?

It is a
non-profit drug rehab program dedicated to eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction through drug prevention, education and rehabilitation.

The way Narconon was founded is interesting. According to the Narconon Website it all started some 40 years ago.

Many former drug addicts who were rehabilitated through Narconon all those many years ago are still involved -- working to help other drug addicts.

This is from the Narconon web site:

"William Benitez, an inmate of Arizona State Prison, founded the NARCONON program in 1966. Benitez read a book by American author L. Ron Hubbard, and by applying the principles it contained on increasing one's abilities, he
and dozens of other inmates were able to permanently end their addictions to heroin. The Narconon program has evolved from that simple beginning to a worldwide network of drug prevention and drug-free social education rehabilitation centers."

There's a lot more information on the Narconon website, which is especially useful if you have a family member who needs help.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

More on Tom Cruise

I found this story about Tom Cruise supporting an anti-drug group in New Zealand. This happened when he was filming The Last Samuri in that country a few years ago:

"McLearly, volunteer coordinator of Drug-Free Ambassadors, a Scientology drug-education and prevention group active in New Zealand for three years, received a letter from Tom Cruise, in New Zealand shooting a film, saying he was inspired by reading about the group’s dedication to educating young people about drugs. 'We are absolutely thrilled and so proud Tom Cruise supports the Drug-Free Ambassadors ...'"

For more information about what Scientologists are doing on drug-education and prevention visit the Scientology Anti-Drug web site

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Experts on Substance Abuse and Public Health

Drug rehabilitation is a very important issue in our society. The technology delivered by Narconon centers is a widely recognized rehabilitation tech. This is available here: Narconon Experts on Substance Abuse and Public Health

Here is one of the statements:
"There is not often good news in our struggle with the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse in our society. I am happy to say that the Narconon program is good news. I encourage you to review it carefully and consider using it. Many years ago I did and I have been able to help save many lives as a result."
Megan Shields, MD, Graduate of the Medical College of Virginia
Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice

Drug Rehabilitation

One, who has became addicted to drugs can become free again through a drug rehabilitation program delivered in Narconon units all over the planet. The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program is through the testimonials. Please read the one following:
"I came to Narconon a broken mess of a human being. I had lied to myself for so long that I started to believe there really was no hope for me, or a way out of the trap. I told myself that I was a drug addict and that somehow explained and justified my impeccably wasted life. I was more dead than alive and numb!!!

"Today I have no words to really explain the difference in my life. Narconon has taught me how to live again. Narconon has restored my faith in myself and given me a peace and stability that can only be dreamt of."

Please visit the Narconon Website, and read more about the Narconon Rehabilitation Program.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Drug Prevention Program

The most effective action in handling drugs is prevention. Narconon International has a very effective program, that can be implemented anywhere, and requires no extreme investment but can be developed as a community coalition.

With minimal financial and staffing resources one can establish an effective program that reaches thousands of youth in the community each week. A Narconon drug prevention program can be started with a basic complement of three or four staff, and build to a large center from there.

Learn more about this program at the Narconon International Drug Prevention website.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life program

What do kids do, when they participate in the "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" program?

"This weekend four youngsters clubbed together to clean up litter around East Grinstead, starting with Mount Noddy car park and the nearby alleyway and finishing at the East Grinstead Railway Station car park."

It's a pleasure to see the photos of these kids, how they look when they are actively working on bettering the environment. And the good news is that this activity can be originated and started everywhere.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dianetics 56th Anniversary

The 56th Anniversary celebration of Dianetics will be held on the 13th or 20th of May in all Churches of Scientology around the world. This even is a great way to get news and broad scope and effectiveness Dianetics throughout the last 12 months.

You can confirm you attendance here, Dianetics 56th Anniversary.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Drug-Free Lives

There are many people and many organizations today, who dedicatedly fight drug abuse. We all know that drugs are the plague of modern society.

Drugs have ruined countless millions of lives since the drug culture was popularized in the 1960s.

And, we also all know that illicit drugs are a multibillion-dollar industry flooding the world market with everything from marijuana to heroin, cocaine and synthetic “designer drugs.“

There are effective drug abuse programs. Narconon, which uses the technology L. Ron Hubbard developed for handling drug dependancy, works. It has over 70% success rate. Narconon has training available for anyone or any group that wishes to implement this technology in their own drug rehab program. Narconon also performs a quality control function for any groups implementing their methodology, to make sure it is done standardly and it gets the expected results.

There is no reason to become desperate and hopeless about drugs, even if you or a person you care about is addicted.

“The only time anyone has ever gotten into serious trouble was when he decided he could do nothing about something.” L. Ron Hubbard

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Clear Body Clear Mind" by L. Ron Hubbard

Drugs damage not just the health, but the personality and ability to think clearly, too.

I want to mention a book, Clear Body Clear Mind --The Effective Purification Program, which has the description of L. Ron Hubbard's groundbreaking discoveries in this field.

Here is what Dr. David Root, M.D. and James Barnes, Health Physicist, say about the book:

"As a Bachelor of Medicine, I found it very interesting to study the Purification program. I found it so interesting that I began the program at the Church of Scientology.

"“After completing the program, I noticed a tremendous upsurge in physical and mental well-being."

I suggest you visit Celebrity Center International's website, to learn more about this very interesting and important program.

Saving Lives

I do beleive, that if we truly educate our youth on the subject of drug and their dangers we can create a drug-free generation.

I found this at the web site of Scientology Celebrity Center International:

"... by providing drug education services to hundreds of youth at a time, they can be prevented from taking drugs in the first place. Done on an international scale, we can create a drug-free generation. "

The Website gives a short description of what Narconon (means no-drug) does to achieve this purpose:

"Narconon also provides comprehensive training to other professionals and organizations who seek workable drug rehabilitation and prevention solutions.

"The establishment, known as Narconon Arrowhead, is also home of the organization’s International Training Academy, where the successful drug rehabilitation methodology — both its administrative and technical expertise — is made available to other professionals, drug treatment organizations and governments."

I strongly recommend to everybody who is interested in anti-drug campaigns, whether actively doing something or sympathize with the purpose, to read this website titled Saving Lives.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Answer to Drugs, by L. Ron Hubbard

Here is a booklet that I really like and think would be a good tool for anyone having trouble with drug abuse personally or who knows someone with a drug or alcohol problem. Scientology Handbook Booklet on Answers to drugs

The discoveries in the booklet, Answer to Drugs, by L. Ron Hubbard, has salvaged lives ruined by drug and alcohol abuse.

It includes the real reason behind substance abuse -- the truth about how drugs affect the human spirit and mind.

This booklet is used by Scientology Volunteer Ministers to help others.

They are chapters of the book The Scientology Handbook.

For more information on Scientology anti-drug programs visit the Scientology Drug Salvage web site

Friday, April 21, 2006

Scientologists in the Czech Republic Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Life

Here is a news article that I like about a Cyclorun that was done in the Czech Republic last year:

"Scientologists in the Czech Republic showed their commitment to ending drug abuse by participating in their third annual Cyclorun earlier this year.

"Cyclorun (a composite of cycling and running) is a term coined by members of the Czech Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Life group. It describes the actions of the athletes who ran through the towns they visited and then cycled to the next town or city, all the while distributing fliers and booklets about drugs and delivering lectures to children on the harmful effects of drugs. They also promoted their new web site that tells the truth about marijuana at , and met with city officials everywhere they went, getting support and signatures from mayors, senators and other officials on their Towns Without Drugs proclamation.

"The athletes were inspired to participate in the Cyclorun by the fact that the Czech Republic has more young users of marijuana than any other country in Europe.

"This year’s anti-drug Cyclorun started in the town of Hodonin, just a few meters from the Slovakia border and ended 2 weeks later in Prague on June 26th, the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse. The Cyclorun covered over 1430 kilometers, visited 40 towns and cities, and delivered anti-drug lectures to over 600 children, gaining enthusiastic support everywhere they traveled."

There is more information on the Scientology anti-drug programs in Europe on the Scientology Effective Solutions web site

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine)

Here is some important information about Crystal Meth.

“Trying this drug out” has been known to cause instant addiction.

It is NOT something to experiment with.

This information is courtesy of the Scientology anti-Drug site.

It has many different names, below are some of the Street names for Crystal Methamphetamine:

* Speed
* Ice
* Quartz
* Crystalz
* Glass
* Crank
* Tweak
* Crystal tea
* Go-Fast
* Tina

Some of the long term effects include, increased heart rate and blood pressure, damage to blood vessels in the brain, leading to strokes or irregular heartbeat and cardiovascular collapse or death. Can cause liver, kidney and lung damage. There are strong indications that users suffer brain damage, including memory impairment and an increasing inability to grasp abstract thoughts. Those who recover are usually subject to memory gaps and extreme mood swings.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Musicians Work for Drug-Free Life

Here's a group of great musicians who are dedicated to drug prevention.

"The Jive Aces have supported the Church of Scientology’s “Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Life” campaign for many years, giving concerts all over the world to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and the solutions to the drug problem. When asked about the band’s strong anti-drug stance, lead singer Ian Clarkson said, 'People look up to musicians and see them taking drugs and think that they then have to use them to be a great artist. What they don’t realize is that without drugs they would be a lot happier, play a lot better and live a lot longer'."

Check out the Jive Aces Website and you see how it works. It does work.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Most people agree that drugs are dangerous – so much so that the current popular model is to reduce the harm from drugs, as individuals, groups and governments have become disillusioned about being able to help an addict overcome his or her addiction and live drug-free once he or she has become dependant on drugs. This is particularly gruesome what you consider that drugs like crystal meth are known to be addictive if even taken once.

However, harm reduction is a failure. It doesn’t reduce the number of people whose lives are ruined.

The point is that harm reduction is NOT the only solution. There ARE effective programs. Particularly Narconon, which uses the drug rehabilitation methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Here is the story of one person who overcame his drug dependency.

"Today, drugs are no longer ruining my life, several years ago it was a different story. But then a friend introduced me to L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation methods which enabled me to stop using drugs—forever...."

"I have discovered that I have a lot to give this world, and I am now winning in life and happier than ever."
– R.H.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Successful Campaign on Drug Prevention

I'd like to share some information about “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life”— a community-based drug education and drug prevention program. The purpose is to educate children and adults about the dangers of drugs. You can read more data about why this education program is successful, on the website The Truth About Drugs.

Here is a short quote: "The program acts through clubs run by and for young people. These clubs reinforce a positive message of drug-free living through the distribution of educational literature that provides facts about illicit drug use and the effects of drugs on the spirit, mind and body. Through the support of civic leaders and members of other groups with similar aims, “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” groups effectively popularize drug-free living. "

More information on the anti-drug programs sponsored by Scientology churches can be found at the Drug Salvage web site.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

About Silent Birth

Yesterday I blogged on drug-free child delivery using a quote from a new web site on silent birth. There is more to learn about this subject. See these quotes below:

"It is a widely-accepted fact that bringing a baby into the world in a calm and gentle environment is vital to the happiness and health of the child." quote from the Website Silent Birth.

“So a child should have a very quiet prenatal period, and should have a silent, as painless as possible, birth.,” and, “the delivery itself should carry as little anesthetic as possible, be as calm and no-talk as possible.” L. Ron Hubbard

Friday, April 14, 2006

Drug-free Child Delivery

I just found a new web site on silent birth. Really beautiful site with great information for parents.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Drug-Free Campaign

Here is a link to a Scientology anti-drug campaign that works with young kids and educates them about drugs and gets them to make a commitment not to experiment with them. With youth using drugs at younger and younger ages, this is a really important program.

Scientology Church Says San Diego is “Drug-Free Marshals Territory”

Like the marshals of the Wild West, who were trusted to maintain the safety and security of their territories, the Drug-Free Marshals keep their neighborhoods safe for kids, through informing them of the harmful effects of drugs

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drug-Free Marshals

My church is committed to handling the drug problem. One of the programs Scientology churches sponsor is aimed at kids, because the terrible fact is that drug use is starting at younger and younger ages, and children need to be made aware of the harm they cause so they can decide for themselves not to experiment with them.

There is information on the Drug-Free Marshals on the Scientology Anti-Drug web site. Here's some information on this:

"One of the most popular Scientology anti-drug programs is the Drug-Free Marshals (known as the Drug-Free Ambassadors in Australia and New Zealand and Drug-Free Kids in the UK).
'Drug-Free Marshals is based on the idea that if peer pressure and pro-drug propaganda can influence young people to take drugs, the reverse would work too,' said Reverend Jentzsch. 'The program provides the truth about drugs and a forum where youth can take a stand against drug use.'"

You can read the whole article here: Commemorating the Universal Day of the Child with Effective Drug Prevention

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Crack Cocaine - Why you Should Leave it Alone

Lest anyone think drugs only affect the young or the poor, here's a story that was in the news in Glasgow, Scotland the other day about Crack Cocaine reaching into the affluent "respectable" levels of society.

"Flamboyant Philip Mangan was once a director of five businesses, lived in a £750,000 house and exported valuables around the world.

"But last week he admitted blowing more than £100,000 of his fortune on crack cocaine and sleazy parties with hookers."

"Mangan, 59, said: "I took cocaine for 15 years, spending hundreds of pounds a week. I was out of control. It got to the stage I couldn't run my business."

One of the things my church does is massive distribution of drug education materials, particularly to youth. We have found that when young people get the facts about drugs it arms them against the peer pressure they get to experiment with them.

Here's something from the Scientology anti-drug web site describing the program.

"For more than two decades, the Church of Scientology’s worldwide drug education campaign has provided the truth about drugs to hundreds of millions across the globe.

"With tens of thousands of public awareness concerts and athletic activities, and thousands of newspaper, television and radio messages reaching millions—combined with the distribution of more than 100 million drug education booklets, fliers, posters and literature—this is the largest anti-drug campaign in the world.

"The war against drugs begins with education.

"Join the “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” campaign and help build drug-free communities. Take the pledge and start a club in your community.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Drug Education

The Scientology Drug Solutions web site has good tips on drug education, which has been found to be a good way to prevent kids getting into the trap of drug abuse:

Experience has taught us that people in general, and youth in particular, when they understand the destructive effects of drugs, and when they are provided with activities to interact with positive role models, and when they have the support of their peers to remain drug free, they inevitably come to the conclusion: “I don’t want to take drugs”....

Friday, April 07, 2006

About Ecstasy

Here's some important information about exstacy.

The Truth about Ecstasy reveals the dangers of this “new” designer drug. Its dangers have been known for decades, only its name changed. A complete list of the street names for Ecstasy:
Cadillac, E, Love drug, Pink pig, Adam, Ecsta, Hug drug, XTC, Elephants, Beans, California, sunrise, Lollipop, MDMA, Clarity. Whooow.

Here is what a drug addict says about it:

“Ecstasy, it’s the direct road to hard drugs. We were a group of thirteen friends who were more or less healthy. We all ended as drug addicts. Eight did detoxification cures, three are in prison and two are dead.” Peter, drug addict

There is a great deal of important information about Ecstacy at 'Ecstasy - 'The Truth About the Enemy Behind the Mask'.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why do people start taking drug?

Every person who abused drugs started taking them because he was experiencing a precise condition — a physical affliction, a situation in his life, or unwanted emotions such as sadness or boredom — from which he could find no physical or spiritual relief. He found that drugs removed his symptoms or numbed his feelings about what was troubling him.

There is way to a drug-free life. Find out more about how the drug problem can be solved.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drug addiction is like slavery. The drugs take over your life.

Naconon uses the drug rehabilitation technology of L. Ron Hubbard. It can help someone who is addicted to drugs get his life back.

Here's an example of what one person gained from doing the program.

"This is a program that truly showed me that I am powerful, that I can repair the past and that all the happiness I ever hope to find is within myself. This program not only showed me how to stay off of drugs, it did just what it promised, it gave me a new life. If you're at the end of your rope and you're ready to put in some good, honest hard work to make a change for the better, without drugs, Narconon is hands down the best drug rehabilitation drug program on the planet, period. I've been clean for 3 years now and I owe it all to my grandmother for getting me to Narconon and to Narconon and Mr. Benitez and Mr. Hubbard."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

40 - 60 percent of those going to European dance clubs use cocaine — one aspect of the estimated 200 million people internationally who consume illegal drugs.

People take drugs because they want to change something about their lives. Here are some of the reasons young people have given for taking drugs:

• To fit in
• To escape or relax
• They are bored
• It makes them seem grown up
• To rebel
• To experiment

They think drugs are a solution.

Learn more about why do people take drugs. Get familiar with Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program that utilizes the methods of L. Ron Hubbard and has one of the highest success rates of any such program.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Some things you may not know:

Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal drugs in the United States.

Many people mistakenly believe smoking marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking beer. Is it? What are the effects?

Here is the truth about marijuana and hashish (click the link) so that people can separate out for themselves the facts about these drugs from the confusing — and often false — opinions they may have heard.

The Scientology Anti-Drug web site contains information on this and other drugs, and suggestions for effective ways to deal with the problem.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dancing with Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is one of the most popular drugs among young people today. It is estimated that more than 2.8 million teenagers have tried the drug at least once and many go on to become regular users despite the known dangers of taking it.

Ecstasy is a “designer drug” usually found at raves — those extended dance parties that feature electronic music and high-tech light shows and often casual drug abuse.

Raves are often held in large, unsupervised locations such as abandoned warehouses, parks and railroad yards, but sometimes take place in more conventional settings such as nightclubs. Up to several thousand people at a time, usually teenagers, may attend and a rave can last up to two or three days. Ecstasy suppresses the need to eat and sleep, so users can endure these extended parties; however, ravers sometimes experience severe dehydration or exhaustion.

Learn the truth for yourself and make up your own mind about ecstasy before you make a mistake you may live to regret.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Town Mayors Say No to Drugs with the Jive Aces

Here's an example of what the Jive Aces do to help others live drug-free lives. This is from their web site,

The success of the Jive Aces “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” concerts have been growing rapidly over the past couple of years and have recently taken on a whole new dimension. Three town mayors in as many weeks have come out to support the campaign in their local areas.

A dreary day, weatherwise, in a Solihull shopping precinct was brightened up dramatically with the Jive Aces rolling into town with some hot jive in tow. After warming up the town, Councillor Sheila Pitterway got up on stage to support the campaign and also signed the “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” pledge. Local newspapers even came to cover the event.

Councillor Sheila Pitterway

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why I Blog Against Drugs

I am blogging against drugs because they kill and destroy lives.

No matter where you turn these days, someone is promoting how cool it is to take drugs, or how hard it is to come off drugs, or how drugs will solve your emotional needs, the way you feel, your outlook on life, your ability to relate to your friends/husband/wife/kids/girlfriend/boss....

Drugs have become a substitute for life. And drugs end life, figuratively and literally.

I support the "Say No to Drugs Say Yes to Life" sponsored by Scientology churches around the world, and invite you to visit the site at for information about what you can do to take effective actions against drugs.