Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Unfortunately, over the past few years heroin has been popularized, particluarly through ads using "heroin chic" models.

The booklet the Church of Scientology International has published on heroin is hard hitting and factual.

Kids need to read this (and it's written so they can -- no unnecessarily hard words).

There is really nothing glamorous about being a heroin addict. And there is no such thing as a person who just "uses" heroin but is not addicted.

Monday, September 18, 2006

5 Million Anti-Drug Booklets

The Church of Scientology International has printed 5 million anti-drug booklets, which they are now distributing around the world.

These booklets are terrific. They really tall the truth about drugs and it is so clear when you read them that they have no other agenda -- they just want to get through to kids so they decide not to take drugs before it's too late.

I'd decided not to take certain drugs, but I'd never decided not to take all drugs until I became a Scientologist because it was at that point that I came to understand the effect of drugs on the individual.

Now kids can get this information BEFORE they get into trouble.

Kids should have every opportunity to do well in life. These booklets provide them the information they really need.

If you would like to get copies of the booklets, or ever reprint them from your club, group, country, etc.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Parents, teachers, employers and civic leaders are all in a position to help keep young people from taking drugs. Moralizing about the evils of drugs doesn’t work. Neither do scare tactics. Answering the inevitable questions with frank, honest data, provides a young person with the information he or she needs to make the intelligent choice to remain drug free. That starts with having the answers.

Discover those answers at www.drugsalvage.org

Sunday, September 10, 2006

James told the Drug-Free Ambassadors that he wished he found them before he started on marijuana at the age of 14. In less than three years he graduated to heroin and got into stealing to support his habit. Having now paid for this with a 10-year stint in jail he wants the Ambassadors to reach all the kids in Australia so no one else has to suffer the way he has.

And now the Federal Treasury and the Department of Family and Community Services had made it easier for the Drug-Free Ambassadors of Australia to get to kids like James in time, by granting the group full tax deductible status and putting them on the register of Harm Prevention Charities.

The timing of this recognition couldn't be better. It coincides with the Ambassadors' plan to release hundreds of thousands of new booklets to let youth know the truth about heroin, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, speed or methamphetamines, ecstasy, crack, kiddie cocaine (ritalin) and painkillers.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

At its core, the Church of Scientology’s drug prevention campaign is a grass-roots movement made up of people-Scientologists and non—Scientologists alike—who are united in the commitment to take action to combat drug abuse through effective education. After all—while we can keep fighting a war on drugs, it’s evident that unless we address the demand, that war will be lost.

Something can be done about drug abuse. And the component that makes it all possible is, invariably, the dedicated work of individuals—of people.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Some slightly good news for a change:

The United Nations World Drug Report for 2005, released in June 2005 and which contains data up to 2003, states, “Although countries indicating rising levels of drug consumption continue to outnumber those with falling levels of drug use, the proportions have shifted in recent years in a slightly more positive direction. While in 2000, 53% of all reporting countries saw rising levels of drug use, the corresponding proportion fell to 44% in 2003. In parallel, the proportion of countries seeing declines rose from 21% in 2000 to 25% in 2003.”