Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ecstasy is Not

It's not ecstasy.

Here's one kid's story:
"Ecstasy made me crazy. One day I bit glass, just like I would have bitten an apple. I had to have my mouth full of pieces of glass to realize what was happening to me. Another time I tore rags with my teeth for an hour."


Don't let your friends or your kids fall into this trap.

Here are some places in California where you can get help from the Scientology Say No To Drugs team if you think your child/friend/family member may be taking harmful drugs:

Church of Scientology of Los Angeles
Church of Scientology of Pasadena
Church of Scientology of Orange County
Church of Scientology of San Francisco
Church of Scientology of San Diego
Church of Scientology of the Valley
Church of Scientology of Sacramento

Monday, June 19, 2006

Meth Use Down

According to an article in the Mercury News today the use of Methamphetamine is on the decline.

The article states that "Meth lab seizures fell from 17,562 in 2004 to 12,185 last year, with western and central western states like Oklahoma, Montana and Washington seeing some of the sharpest declines. Missouri, which leads the nation in the number of lab seizures, saw a 22 percent decline."

It also states that "in Oregon, where lab busts fell 60 percent."

Despite these optimistic statistics, "Still, 58 percent of the nation's counties say meth is their largest drug problem. Rural law enforcement officers are often overwhelmed by the cleanup of toxic chemicals used to make meth and welfare agencies must deal with the displaced children of meth-addicted parents."

The Scientology Anti-Drug Site is looking for feedback, successful actions, any ideas you might have to help knock out meth use which still threatens the lives and safety of our young people.

You can send your suggestions to publicrelations@scientology.net

More information on Scientology programs to combat drug use is available at the Scientology Effective Solutions web site

Monday, June 12, 2006

Running Against Drugs

The Hungarian Anti-Drug team from the Church of Scientology of Budapest just completed 42 grueling days of a "run against drugs."

Scientology churches around the world work daily to save people from the degradation and heartbreak of drugs.

Here's more information on this in the transcript of the "This is Scientology" speech by Mr. David Miscavige.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kelly Preston Helping the Kids of Hawaii

Welcome to My World blog wrote:
Kelly Preston who is a native of Hawaii has been there promoting a new DVD that educates families on the dangers of drugs.

She was there with Lt. Governor Aiona to announce the release of Narconon Hawaii's "Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free" DVD kit for parents. This is a free kit that provides information about drugs that will make you confident to talk with your loved ones about the dangers of drugs.